Phantasy Star Online 2 Closed Beta Test – Thoughts

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So, I seem to write posts a bit randomly but my online friends and I who recently played Phantasy Star Online 2’s Closed Beta Test… are left with an feeling to play more. A withdrawal if you will. And if you may wonder why…

My character running in the Forest level.

Its because it was a very satisfying feeling playing it. I personally feel that if the lag and disconnection issues that the servers were having didn’t happen. It would have been ready for release in my opinion. But alas, it had issues. And I’m pretty sure that all of us who did play experienced it. Whether latency just from distance from the servers, or just really odd occurrences…

But let me tell you something. The combat was really good. Granted, I played the Ranger class so I was just running and gunning (I really liked being able to switch from a third person camera to a more normal RPG styled camera angle). But still, I love the style that the game has and even if it doesn’t release here. I shall definitely play Japanese version, even if it isn’t translated/published for the US… as long as they don’t implement an IP block.

And now, time for a slight picture dump.

– / – \ –

Random Dark Enemy Spawn

– / – \ –

City Emergency Mode level

– / – \ –

Dark Ragne

– / – \ –

Volcano Area

– / – \ –

The Area before you drop into the mission.

– / – \ –

I ran the game at medium texture settings and with the Graphical Enhancements on. It gave me a nice solid frame rate for my rig. But overall, until the game either has another test or releases at sometime in the future. I shall be having with withdrawal…

I should compose a album or something while I wait…


“Stay Zen.”



Manga… why you ‘spensive?

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Well, first things first…

I have given up on Facebook. So I have removed twitter access on facebook account so I will not updating my “status” on it anymore. I only really used it for my radio group’s page… since it is a method of communication they prefer to use for whatever reason.

And I’m now posting stuff a bit more often to Google Plus…

But anyway, time for the main meat of the post…

Manga, why are you so expensive? The only reason I ask this is because I spent $34 and some change on three manga volumes. The volumes in questions were books 2, 3, and 4 for the series “Tegami Bachi”, also known in English as “Letter Bee”.

I ordered volumes three and four via Amazon directly from them so they should be in decent condition… and got volume two in Barnes and Noble…

The series is apparently rated for Teens but with me being 22. I honestly don’t care. If it is interesting, I’ll read it. But my selection of Manga is slowly shrinking. I wish Tokyopop had not gone under…

I don’t know what else to write so until next time.

“Stay Zen.”


My Thoughts on the PSO2 CBT so far…

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So, I some how got into the Phantasy Star Online 2 Closed Beta Test….

And so far I really l like the game.

Ever since I started playing Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst on a private server (Since it was the only way to get my fix at the time, the official US servers are long dead.) I have been loving the Phantasy Star series ever since. Its grindy yes, but the action never got stale for me. Mostly because the combat system was just solid enough for me not to want to rage at the game if I died. If I died I know why I did.

Combat aside, even with the game in the state that it is in, being a closed beta and all, Its still a very good game and I like the direction that this one has taken so far from what I have seen.

As it stands, I’m only level 5, and I have logged probably only close to 10 hours worth of game play. But I must say that I am having FUN. Something that I can’t say I have been having much of recently. I have been playing Tera on its weekend beta tests and don’t get me wrong, that game is nice as well. But PSO2 is just something that fills this gap in my mind that was pretty empty after playing PSOBB. I have Phantasy Star Zero for my DS to keep me company but then I went through the story too fast and was far too under leveled for the final boss. I need to grind in that game some more to complete it…

But anyway, I guess, even though the game is in Japanese only currently it felt pretty daunting at first. But luckily, people have been translating the menus, and that alone is enough for me to really feel more at ease with the game. So that even if the game doesn’t reach stateside, I shall probably keep playing on the Japanese servers once the game releases. Unless… foreign IPs are blocked…

At any rate, I would like to post some pictures of the game while I can but I’m feeling a tad lazy about that. I might put a few on my Flickr (or somewhere else) and post them here in a separate post. But to recap..


“Stay Zen.”


Taxes blow

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Gah, as the title says. Taxes suck, blow and so much more…

All my plans I had have been stopped in their tracks. Like me getting a graphics card to finish off my new computer… but oh well, such is life I guess. But on the brightside. I have been able to fix a massive tax error which led to all my plans being shattered.

Well, time to pick up the pieces and see if I can make the rest of this year a lot better. For now, I have a slightly above integrated graphics level card installed in the new machine. Time to install the OS and be slightly happy that I at least have a machine of my own. In my room, all for myself… finally.

Anyway, as usual, “Stay Zen”.


I now own a domain~!

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Yes! I finally bit the bullet so to speak last night and now the domain “” is now mine. And of course it links to this blog for the time being. Once I get enough money squared away, I shall officially link this blog to that domain instead of using a redirect service from the site where I have the domain registered.

I’m excited~! This helps with business cards so much right now.

I’m nearly done with Remnet after probably a year or so of messing around with it.. and doing it over close to six times. And I have someone who is interested in remixing it so yay for good times ahead. That is all for now and I will TRY to get it done as soon as possible. For now though…


“Stay Zen”



I bought something awesome…

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Yes, as the title states, I have bought something awesome!

I have been enthralled by “clicky” keyboards for the longest time so I finally bit the bullet so to speak a mechanical keyboard~!

Sadly, it isn’t the exact “clicky” one that I wanted due to me having to be mindful of my family but it shall do quite nicely for now~. The one that I bought is the Rosewill RK9000BR. The “BR” stands for ‘brown switch’ since it has the Cherry MX Brown switches under each and every key. I shall get it most likely be the 1st of next month so I shall do a writeup about it pretty soon while typing on it. I’m so excited… makes up for a lot of not so great things that have been happening in my life recently… but anyway on the ways of musical progress. I have picked up renoise (At least the demo for now) and I have been messing around with it.

This is what I first came up with:

The a little bit after that:

It isn’t the best thing ever since this is my first attempt with renoise and this genre. But I’m working on it. I’m also thinking about including my DS-10 plus with it if I can’t find good enough synth instruments… so a tad more diverse style I guess. Anyway, this is it for now and since I will be getting that keyboard soon. I’m sure I will be writing a tad more often haha… so until next time.

“Stay Zen”


Musical, Educational and Writing Issues

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So, I’m trying to pick up the pieces with three things recently. I’m trying to get back into school, finish the song “Remnet” (Though it will be known as “Remnant” once I’m finished with it.) As well as finish my 4×4=12 write up.

First off, I’m planning to use as many panels as I can to make the sound for Remnet nice as well as rework a few of the instruments that I have. To me it sounds alright. But then again I use headphones so it probably doesn’t help with the quality. Not to mention my ears get weird sometimes. But I digress…

Secondly, I’m trying to continue my studies at a local college. But I apparently missed a cutoff date to get myself on the right track for the spring semester so I can’t continue until most likely the summer semester. But I guess that I’ll have to do what I can until I can get things done I guess… But I’m super bummed out about it since I’d like to start up again as soon as possible and get my learn on.

And finally, I’m trying to get the 4×4=12 album review/rant out of the way. I just can’t seem to  focus on it despite it being such a passionate thing for me to write about. Its hard to collect my thoughts and I don’t want to listen to it anymore despite it being in my music collection. But I shall get it done as soon as possible. Though to be honest… I’m not liking Deadmau5’s sound much at all. It is way too immature for my tastes.

So, this is a short summary of what is going on in my life besides intense reflection and relationship stuffs which I shall never divulge on the internet. I’m done typing for now… Since I’m trying to do more frequent blog posts. So until next time…

“Stay Zen”


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